Save Money Going Virtual

Hiring an Virtual Marketer or Virtual Assistant is something that is currently taking the professional world by storm.  Business owners everywhere are finding that they can save time, money, and office space.  Cassandra is available to consult and work with you on your marketing needs remotely.  Cassandra is located in CT and will gladly meet up with her CT clients if need be, but most of the work will be completed off -site to save time and money for herself and her clients.

Virtual Assistants by definition are ‘self-employed persons who provide professional administration, technical, or creative (social) assistance to clients remotely from a home office’.  No taxes, insurance or benefits are paid to the Virtual Assistant, and there is no overhead or need for office supplies, equipment or space.

These items alone can easily cost up to tens of thousands of dollars per year.

An average a Marketing Assistant in-house where I currently live makes an average of approximately $57,000 per year.  This is not including the benefits and other costs incurred with hiring someone 40 or even 30 hours per week.  As you can see, a company can save a great deal over time by hiring a good Virtual Assistant who will get the job done as needed and in a quick, timely manner.  Most Virtual Assistants already have their ducks in a row, ready to start working right away.

Although there are other Virtual Assistants that are outsourced from other countries for less, they offer basic clerical services. I focus more on the marketing aspect, which is a service that these companies generally do not provide with their basic plan.  After initial setup of any blogs/websites, drip campaigs, listings, or social media sites, most tasks are completed within an hour, and typically are less than 10 hours per week.

Personally, I became a Virtual Marketer because I love working behind the scenes, and I LOVE working from the comfort of my home and marketing!  If you are planning on hiring a Virtual Marketer, I would be happy to come up with a plan that works for you.  I am currently booking time slots from 1-4 hours per day at a rate of $15 per hour or per job flat fees.

Fill out the Contact Form and join me on facebook.
I am looking forward to expanding my business and yours!

Cassandra Ritone



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